New Brands Redefining Fashion: Aesthetic Diversity Takes Center Stage

10 Young Brands of Authentic Vibe You Definitely Need

The trendy top magazines, fashion platforms, and influencers are all the same brands nowadays. That's because they are mastodons in their field, but your closet doesn't have to be limited to ten world-famous but a bit boring brands. Marika's editorial team tried to find another ten boutiques "born" after the noughties that reflect a completely new and unique life that has emerged in recent years. Get your wallet ready, because the selection includes completely different conceptual young designs.
The essence of fashion is the constant striving for the new and unusual. Based on this truth, we cannot limit ourselves to only those brands that have already earned our attention. There are always new stars emerging in the fashion world with something unique and fresh. It may seem easier to buy things from trusted brands, but it is in young brands that new energy and unique style lie. In this article, we will present you with ten such new fashion brands that have already found enthusiastic recognition from fashion critics and creative designers. They embody the innovation, boldness, and exclusivity you need to emphasize your individual style. Meet these new names to stay ahead of the curve and find unique pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.
16ARLINGTON states that minimalism in fashion is just a base that needs one touch to become iconic. In its lookbooks, the brand resurrects lingerie, sequins and feathers, skirt slits, and elongated collars. There is no need for accessories for these clothes; they are original in cut and materials. Wearing one 16ARLINGTON dress, you are ready for the red carpet. The exception is their signature Kikka Bag, which has a vibe of both street style and evening chic.
Y2K style has gone down a storm, and some have been drawn to its side by minis, see-through fabrics, gaiters, and washed-out jeans. If you're one of those on this side, Miaou is your brand. If not, you still have a few reasons to visit their shop. Here they are: latex tops and shorts as a matching set; classic corsets with straps, fittings, and bras; bikini swimming costumes; and one-shoulder tops. The Miaou range is Britney Spears' wardrobe in her legendary era as a singer. There are no oddly shaped tops or trousers with holes in unexpected places that only a 20-something fashionista can style. Here are the pieces that celebrities like Barbie Ferreira, Lily-Rose Depp, Emrata or Selena Gomez choose, and wearing them will make you feel like the coolest girl in town. You gotta admit, that's a great feeling everyone needs from time to time.
Maximalism in fashion is a riot of colors, textures, and silhouettes. If you're a crazy fan of Jared Leto's or Harry Styles' style of wearing boa scarves, oversize trousers with ruffles, and tight see-through tops together, Libertine is your choice. It's got all the things that other brands seem to fear: detailing. It's not just jackets with rhinestones; here the glittery details are folded into the outlines of faces on the sleeves. Here, suits with shouty pea prints are not just to be worn but as a base layer for equally shouty cardigans, jackets, and oversized hats. When the small floral fabrics of the fashion houses are not enough, Libertine saves the wardrobe.
Heron Preston
It is one of the most colorful representatives of luxury streetwear. The brand's clothes are a manifesto tool, referring to the global problems of society. The brand is not even 10 years old, but it is already known by the embroidery with the word "style" in Cyrillic and the bright orange accent on the items. Someone's "no" in style is their "yes," such as a shirt shortened to the chest with loose seams and threads around the edges, pins instead of buttons on a miniskirt, or jeans turned inside out. Heron Preston is only for those who really consider street style a worthy rival for old money and all kinds of cores.
Claudia Li
What happens if you combine a bachelor of fine arts degree with fashion? Shapes, shapes, and shapes! Claudia, founder of the eponymous brand, has brought architectural silhouettes and clean lines combined with bright colors to the world of fashion. All of the brand's clothes can be visually divided into triangles, squares, and circles, which together look insanely aesthetically pleasing. Although the brand has a clear concept, its collections will suit both fans of quiet casual style and followers of extravagant fashion.
The most amazing thing about this brand is that it takes the fashion of yesteryear and makes it better. Leather, a low fit, and long sleeves are what you'll find in the Vaillant boutique. A special treat are its shows, where you can, for example, see the new office style with a mini skirt over classic trousers and a strip of lace instead of a belt, or the statement that opposites in style are the best combination in the form of a strappy summer sundress made of "club" sequin fabric. Another gem of the brand is the lingerie-inspired swimming costume. Checkmate, fashion senseless bans.
The new style of clothing is beautywear, which was launched by the brand Ruve. It combines the comfort of soft jersey with the coziness of woolen yarns, with V-shaped silhouettes that visually elongate the body and hold their form, yet soft to the touch textures. When you visit their website, you immediately realize that the brand is made by women for women. They have managed to style cutouts and perforations in a way that is sexy and cute at the same time. Ruve's designers believe that you don't need 1,000 clothes; you just need the right ones, so each of their items is worthy of attention in itself.
This brand deservedly takes the title of infinitely cute and sustainable fashion brand. Created with minimal waste, recycled materials, and cute prints, Dauphinette's clothes make you fall in love at first sight. What to say when the brand has a dress with emerald bugs that somehow looks insanely adorable. Soft yarns and pleasant-to-the touch fabrics are the foundation here. On this base are stitched nature-inspired details that feel like they've been taken to the max. As a result, each item is a unique piece from Alice in Wonderland's wardrobe.
You've definitely seen the PH5 dresses. The ones that follow your silhouette with a knitted fabric that waves down the leg. The distinctive feature of the brand is a slimming optical illusion made with prints and asymmetrical products. The specialty is knitted fabric, which other boutiques use in the same way, not daring to experiment with fabric. PH5 describes itself as a "harsh" brand, but not without a touch of femininity. It would be very desirable to call it a brand because every year they present something marvelously new. One of the innovations is UV-reactive pieces. They change color when sunlight hits them. Yes, summer is over, but what's stopping you from buying them, provided the sun shines all year?
Sometimes all you need to feel like a confident, ambitious woman is to put on Toteme clothes, and you're done! You are ready to kill them. The idea of the brand is dress code as an art, where non-wearing fabrics are of excellent quality, the style of clothes does not age with time, and the units can be worn both in the office and on holiday or a date. Tote bags, Mary Jane heels, and sunglasses quite like those from those stylish retro Italian films will complete the look and make it really quiet luxurious.
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