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Marika Magazine is a publication whose main purpose is fashion. We believe that fashion is not only about clothes and accessories. Fashion is a reflection of society's life here and now: its inspirations as well as its contradictions and problems. That's why it's important for us to show fashion in every sphere, from the versatility of the outside world to the beauty of the human soul. We cover it through photography, video projects, art, interviews, and conceptual editorials.

Our goal is to spread the fashion creations of artists around the world. We don't want to limit fashion to one concept: no rules. Ideas and self-expression are paramount. After all, Marika magazine is a platform for recognizing strong photo and video content and thoughtful concepts. We invite those who want to change the world through fashion and photography.
Retro Chic Revival: San Andres Milano's Timeless Fusion
San Andres Milano's latest collection is a celebration of the past, reimagined for the modern connoisseur. Walking through the exhibition is like strolling down memory lane, where each piece of clothing is a narrative of timeless design, blending vintage elegance with contemporary flair.
Embracing Comfort: Cosy Sunday Mornings with Timeless Elegance
As the sunlight filters through the curtains and the world slowly stirs to life, there's a sacred stillness to Sunday mornings. It's a time for warm cups of coffee, the rustle of newspapers, and the unparalleled comfort of lounging in clothes that feel like a second skin. This is where the latest Cosy Sunday collection finds its niche, offering a serene blend of style and solace.
Balance of Tradition and Trend: The Timeless Play of Borsalino with Shape and Color
As the fashion world gathered for the Spring-Summer show in Milan, Borsalino presented its new collection, which became a vivid example of the brand's ability to combine classic craftsmanship with modern trends.
Style and Boldness: Jimmy Choo Spring-Summer 2024
Jimmy Choo, a brand synonymous with bold style and elegance, once again delighted the fashion crowd with its Spring-Summer 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week.
Color Horizons 2024: Unveiling the Palette of the New Year
As 2024 approaches, the fashion world braces itself for another cycle of innovation and creativity. With the dawn of the new year, every fashion enthusiast wonders: what colors will dominate the fashion landscape? The answer lies in the analysis of the latest fashion shows and trends. In this article, we reveal the color trends of 2024 that promise to enliven our wardrobes and add vibrancy to daily life.
Colors of Passion: The Trending Lipstick Shades
of 2024
2024 promises to be a year of bold and expressive lipstick shades that will highlight individuality and add a special touch to any look. From classic reds to unexpected pastel tones, the lipstick palette of 2024 will reflect the spirit of fashion trends and self-expression.
From Music to Fashion: The Story of Jonathan Barca and His Brand LML Clothing by Halfwait
In a world where music and fashion often intertwine, few have managed to combine these spheres as convincingly as Jonathan Barca. Known as a former member of the rock band Halfwait, Jonathan made a bold move by leaving the stage and founding his clothing brand - LML Clothing. In our interview, he shares his journey from the music scene to the world of fashion. This story is about how a creative spirit can open unexpected horizons and inspire new beginnings.
Fashion Show 2023
Marika Magazine Presents Milan Fashion Runway Show 2023
Get ready to ignite your fashion senses and embark on an unforgettable journey of style and inspiration on 21st and 22nd of September. Milan Fashion Runway Show promises to interlace the rich tapestry of global fashion.
The Brunello Cucinelli show in Milan
The Brunello Cucinelli show in Milan was an unforgettable and unique event that attracted fashion enthusiasts from around the world. The presence of Brunello Cucinelli himself added a special significance and intimacy to the occasion. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, with all the guests feeling at home, socializing, and enjoying the high fashion atmosphere.
Fashion Runway
Show 2023

InSergio Rossi, the renowned Italian luxury footwear brand, unveiled its latest collection at Milan Fashion Week. The presentation was a captivating display of innovation and elegance, showcasing the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and style.
As the leaves transition from vibrant greens to rich hues of red and gold, we welcome you to the Autumn 2023 edition of Marika Mag. A time of exploration, inspiration, and exhilaration came. And we decided to make the Autumn issue exactly the same.

New Marika brings to light new names in fashion with which you will immediately fall in love, as well as new pictures and stories. It reminds you that mistakes may lead to success in your life and work, so you don't need to fear them. Our special category for the issue is health and beauty. We have paid a lot of attention to it and uncovered the themes of all-healing massage, big, bad menopause, which scares at first, and powerful retinol that will make your face shine.
It would not be Marika Mag without spice topics and practical use, so the issue appears as a friend of yours who makes your autumn great again. It is discovering the truth, sharing the new and little-known, and boosting both inner and outer body beauty.
New Brands Redefining Fashion: Aesthetic Diversity Takes Center Stage
September is a month of fashion, and while the big four present new collections at Fashion Week, we offer you the chance to explore ten young brands. They are affordable, gorgeous, and unique. Each of them has its own concept worthy of the catwalk. Silhouettes, colors, cuts—every detail of them is inimitable. Upgrade your wardrobe with Marika's choice of the new aesthetically unique brands on the pages of the new issue.
Retinol: Your Ultimate Beauty Booster
There is a beauty treasure that has been captivating the skincare world - retinol. In our beauty article, we will guide you on how to harness the power of retinol, making it an essential gem in every girl's beauty routine. Discover the wonders of this potent ingredient as we explore its unparalleled benefits and reveal why it has become a coveted gem for achieving radiant, youthful skin.
Unlocking the Power of Massage for a Transformed Body
Don't overlook the profound impact of massage therapy, dismissing it as a mere luxury for the privileged. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as we shatter the misconception and reveal the innate power of massage in enhancing your overall well-being, healing your body, and even unveiling your body's natural beauty. Join our journey alongside a seasoned massage expert as we unravel the myriad benefits that await you following a transformative and rejuvenating session with a professional.
Fashion and Entertainment PR Fiasco: When Public Perception Goes Wrong
Everyone makes mistakes, but when you are a big company with a billion-dollar turnover, each mistake costs a bunch of dollars. Learn about the loudest PR failures in the world of brand PR campaigns, where even the most well-known names can stumble and yield unexpected results. In Marika's article, we delve into a few instances of failed campaigns that left both brands and consumers surprised. Explore the intricacies of these missteps and discover the valuable lessons learned from these unconventional outcomes.
Review of Nine Must-Visit Places According to Locals
No one knows the country better than the locals. That's why Marika's editorial team has gathered nine places from around the world to give you a valuable tourist experience. Restaurants, historic castles, guesthouse hotels, and bakeries with seasonal menus await in travel article 2023.
Gems of Entertainment: Movies, TV Series, and Books Worth Exploring
Get ready to be captivated by an array of recent releases and upcoming adaptations that are set to grace our screens and bookshelves this fall. In Marika's eagerly-awaited review article, we present three extraordinary films, two compelling TV series, and two enthralling books that have recently debuted or are on the cusp of being adapted. From heartwarming dramas to thrilling page-turners, these diverse storytelling gems promise to be the highlights of your autumn entertainment.
Everything about Menopause, or Separating Fiction from Facts
Dive into the truth about menopause and discover why it's time to debunk the myths surrounding this natural phase of a woman's life. Menopause is often misunderstood and portrayed as a daunting experience, but Marika Mag is here to shed light on what it truly entails. In our insightful article, we'll explore the meaning of menopause and unveil why it's not as terrifying as it's often described.
For Marika's editorial staff, summer is secondarily about rest and measuredness. In the first place, we associate this season with hot bodies and themes. That's how we came to the subject of a heated individual who loves, makes mistakes, experiences vivid emotions, and lives life to the fullest.

In the summer issue of 2023, we covered ugly topics that are usually silenced or talked about only in narrow circles. We wrote an article about emotions to remove the label "negative" from them and highlighted the failures of fashion figures to show that everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they bring a lot. Of course, we did not leave aside the topic of sex, which excites residents of different countries in very different ways. Destigmatizing hot topics is a concept we are proud of.
Performances on the Runway as a Reflection of the Problems and Wounds of Society
The show is only 15 minutes of presentation of clothes, nothing more. Wrong. Among designers past and present, there are creators who create entire theatrical productions at the show. These performances are uncomfortable because they mock, show the truth, and ask inconvenient questions. Marika's editorial staff collected the brightest of them, which in their time stirred up the fashion world.
One Way to Save For Ever: Why It Is Important to Care about Hair in Summer
Summer is the most ruthless time of year for your hair. It is thanks to it and the scorching sun that girls suffer from excessive hair loss, dullness, or brittleness during the other seasons. Summer has started, which means your hair and makeup bag need to change and your time in the sun needs to be under control. We've put together an ultimatum guide for taking care of your hair during the summer season. Trust us, this will reanimate you and save your hair in the future.
Benefits of Negative Emotions: Why and How
People hear "negative emotions" and think they are bad and therefore should not be shown. Marika's team says otherwise. Anger, envy, pity, sadness, guilt, a desire for conflict, and resentment can do you more good than you think. The key to profiting is knowing how to experience them correctly. We've collected seven negative emotions, and inside this summer issue, we've detailed how to transform them into positives.
Nine Most Relaxing and Chilling Places to Visit this Summer
If you plan your vacation without reading this article, it would be sacrilege, because we have gathered nine unique places for your vacation. Among them are hotels, restaurants, and events that have completely different atmospheres. Whether you're a fan of old money, a frequent visitor to nude beaches, or a lover of the arts, you're sure to find something of your own in this article.
Scandals and Failures of the Fashion World
When you're a fashion figure, everyone is watching you. Every action resonates, and sometimes it's not easy to predict how it will end. Mistakes are normal; everybody makes them. But when it comes to a top model or world-renowned designer, mistakes can be costly. We have compiled the fashion scandals that have changed the industry in both positive and negative ways.
Marika Mag of Sexual Culture in Different Countries
Sex as an activity is the same everywhere, but the approach can and does vary from country to country. In the first country, it is talked about openly, but they call others to bed only after marriage. In the second country, it is not talked about, but at night they go to BDSM parties in complete confidence. In the third country, it is literally the reason for the creation of the world. We have compiled all of these countries and more to unlock the potential of the locals and bring a hot drop to your next trip.
Smart Internet Surfing, or Accounts You Must Follow
Browsing the Internet is usually a waste of time. We want to change those rules, so we're sharing accounts in this article that will both entertain and benefit you. Subscribe to them to learn more about fashion and art, pump yourself up, and implement a learning lifestyle.
Despite the fact that Valentine's Day is in February, we firmly believe that the spring season is about love, relationships, and sex. That's why the main theme of love runs through the whole issue. We decided to categorize this warm feeling as if we were scholars and modernize the approach as if we were Zumers, putting ourselves first.

In this issue, we discuss Tinder's algorithms, give an ultimatum profile-reading guide, advise on unusual sex, and practice makeup. The last one comes very unexpectedly for you, but it makes sense for us — after the cold weather, your skin always needs your attention. We wanted to give a spoiler for the magazine's pages while searching for a cover photo for the spring issue. So the first image is bright, fashionable, and bold.
Detailed Instructions for Tinder Profiles and How to Find a Lover in the Dating App
Tinder is an odd app. Some people meet a partner for life through its use, and others spend months unable to find even an adequate person. We deeply understand the second one, so we wrote the Tinder article to help you understand the person just by glancing at his profile. In addition to being able to identify assholes, you'll learn the secret of how the app works and finally find your lover.
Eleven Trendy Ways to Destroy Your Skin
Not every skin care tip presented by bloggers is safe for you. They say that if you mix orange juice and soda, apply it to your skin, and scrub, you'll wake up with a new face the next morning. Yes, but you'll get a horrible result — it will mercilessly burn your skin. Such tips are everywhere on the Internet, and it never ends well. We collected horrible beauty advice to let you know not to use it and specified really working care from professional dermatologists.
It all started with the news that one student wrote and defended his diploma with the help of AI. The editor-in-chief, Marina, gathered us and solemnly shared the idea of a magazine that would be completely created, written, and drawn by a neural network. As they say on the Internet, we were flabbergasted. Marina was excited.

In as little time as possible, we figured out the technology, generated articles that originally looked like the speeches of an evasive politician, and got pictures from the AI, which for the sake of artistry distorted the faces in the portraits. Through thorns to the stars and the first magazine from the AI, we came to the point where we were literally working with the future. And now that future is read by you.

AI Speaks Out: An Insider's Perspective
AI machine unveils its thoughts about the future of humanity, competition with artists, and its own limits.
Interior in Fashion: Ways to Make Your Home Trendy
Three hottest interior styles and five eternal, detailed trends that will transform your home.
Fashion Psychology: What Your Clothes' Colors Say About You
Psychological checklist for each color and what it says about the personality of the person who wears it.
Best Fashion Movies: Honest Review from Neural Network
List of fashion films that delve into the minds of fashion artists and designers.

The harsh and unpredictable year 2022 comes to an end and finally brings with it the joyous winter holidays. Everyone anticipates January with the hope that everything will restart and improve from that point forward. We've created this issue to maintain that confidence but also to warm you up this winter.

By creating Winter Marika as a Christmas gift, we wanted to give you the ability to predict the future and heal yourself so you could move on fearlessly. We wanted to give you some non-trivial gift ideas this year, as well as remind you of the importance of preserving the environment. And we put out this issue with the idea that we were able to bring these ideas to fruition.

Cruelty-Free Fashion to be Green and Slay
You don't need to do more to care about the environment and preserve the fauna of the world. Marika says that you can even save your money and get the trendiest outfit this winter. Here is more about eco-friendly fashion and where to buy cruelty-free luxury fur and leather clothing.
Ultimate Guide to Predicting Fashion at Any Time
The trend-forecasting secret is that there is no secret at all. The fashion industry knows ahead of time what color, style and accesoarises will go viral next year. You just need to know where and what to look for so you can buy trends on time and cheaper. We have collected all this information for you.
Perfect Makeup Bag for Winter Season
Winter is all about colder days, and it's a great shock for your skin. Your makeup should be changed as well as your wardrobe in December. To protect your skin from flakiness and redness and save your makeup, the Marika Team put together the top cosmetic products and winter lifehacks.
Ultimate Guide of Wine Choosing
What to do when you come for a good grape drink but pick the same one bottle because the store's shelves seem to be infinite and all the same? Learn the answer from our guide that was written with the help of a sommelier. The article explains the meaning of the wine bottle label, provides the best food combinations, and simplifies wine selection once and for all.
When we were discussing themes for the autumn issue, we had a goal to think through and to some extent predict the problems that the next three months would bring. Why problems and not topics themselves? The answer is usability. We aspire to fill the magazine with content you may use in real life. And we did it.
As for the visual part, we have chosen exuding photos with a story that you can "read" by looking at them. The cover of multicolor is not an exception: fashion, bright and with a little bit of summer, the main picture is what we want autumn of 2022 to be.
Cure or Dummy: Everything You Should Know About Supplements and Vitamins
Everyone talks about the usefulness of vitamins and how crucial it is to get enough of them, but what's the true purpose of supplements, and are they the only thing that can make you healthier? The autumn article answers that and many other questions you have about food supplements.
Marika Mag of Creative Block and Dealing with It
Every artist faces a creative crisis in one way or another, whether he or she is a writer, artist, photographer, or even an art businessman. Ideas don't come and it gnaws at you from the inside, making you put your hands down. Marika Mag explains the reasons and provides you with sixteen exercises to fight the creative crisis.
We took a break for a month to collect the best submissions, to analyze the life of the fashion world, and to present a new magazine in the form of your beloved sarcastic friend who never refuses to discuss ambiguous news.
Yes, the cover has a dark concept that is barely associated with summer, but our idea is to fill the pages of Marika with high-quality content. So when it came to the cover, we decided to break a few sunny stereotypes.
The middle of summer usually appears with ease and indicates time you spend only on yourself. That's why we have dedicated the July issue to sunny pastimes, fashion shopping, and ways to keep your mental health safe and sound. When opening the issue, you will find articles that, first of all, are practical. Each text has professional tips and helpful information. And the best part is that you can use it any time, not just in July.
Dermatologist On Duty: Exclusive Method of Sunbathing, Bans of Tanning, and The Best SPF Products
With an MD dermatologist, we speak up about an exclusive new method of ideal tan and whom it's suitable for; we open up about ways you shouldn't do if you want to stay sunkissed longer; and we present a list of SPF beauty products that are to prevent your transformation into a red-burnt person.
Celebrities' Stylists: Who They Are, How They Build Stars' Careers and What Are Their Fashion Tips
Appearance does matter when it comes to business when celebrities are followed on social media and in real life every second. The stylists to whom they owe their popular careers are usually hidden behind the cameras. And if you're into fashion, you must know them to be aware of celebrities' hottest trends.
We're in the homestretch of spring, which literally abounds with bright news, fuchsia entrances, and vivid events. The world remembered how to live and derive pleasure. Marika team got together and created articles for your good living.

Inside the May issue, you'll find a desire to experience new horizons, a desire to know more about the world, and a desire to explore your own body.

The cover reflects the vibrant concept as well. Moreover, it retranslates the color that step by step captures the fashion world. The magazine contains not only the professionalism of the editors and speakers, but also their personal stories and feelings. The issue is sensual, ours and yours.
18-year-old Webcam Model Describes the BTS and Reality of Her Work
Anastasia has been working in the webcam sphere for over a year, and she has a lot to say. Anastasia honestly speaks up about her mental health, view of the world, and relationships with clients. If you still think of webcam models only in terms of prejudice or pity, the interview will show you another side of the coin.
Beauty Expert's Guide to Sunny Makeup Look
The days are becoming warmer and warmer, and our clothes are becoming more "summer." But what outfit can be spoiled by vivid make-up? And that's bright makeup for a sunny everyday life that awaits you in this article. A beauty expert tells you how to create a fresh, glowing makeup look.
Marika of Promising Places Full of Experience and Uniqueness
There are plenty of expensive restaurants and hotels, and Marika's editors choose the most inimitable ones. Here's a roundup of places that are sure to amaze you.
Kristian Grei Endorses: Toys That Must Be in Your Red Room
Marika team collaborated with a sex toy expert to share adult experiences. The main characters are the most popular sex devices and our honest opinions about each of them.
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