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MARIKA Magazine is a photography magazine featuring beauty, fashion, portrait, fine-art, kids, men, nude, nature, special reports, interview and conceptual editorials.

MARIKA Magazine is authenticity in every direction for yourself. We don't seek to define beauty and fashion with one narrow idea: no rules. Vintage is right next to newly discovered designers. We are looking for creatives that push the envelope, take chances and disregard the status quo.

MARIKA Magazine aims to spread creativity worldwide with Its stunning editorials and articles one issue at a time featuring high-end editorials from worldwide emerging talent. We give the opportunity to those who are looking to expose themselves to the world.
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We not only share through pictures of talented artist but speak up about fashion, art, nature, beauty, and the world in the new Marika Magazine
We took a break for a month to collect the best submissions, to analyze the life of the fashion world, and to present a new magazine in the form of your beloved sarcastic friend who never refuses to discuss ambiguous news.
Yes, the cover has a dark concept that is barely associated with summer, but our idea is to fill the pages of Marika with high-quality content. So when it came to the cover, we decided to break a few sunny stereotypes.
The middle of summer usually appears with ease and indicates time you spend only on yourself. That's why we have dedicated the July issue to sunny pastimes, fashion shopping, and ways to keep your mental health safe and sound. When opening the issue, you will find articles that, first of all, are practical. Each text has professional tips and helpful information. And the best part is that you can use it any time, not just in July.
Dermatologist On Duty: Exclusive Method of Sunbathing, Bans of Tanning, and The Best SPF Products
With an MD dermatologist, we speak up about an exclusive new method of ideal tan and whom it's suitable for; we open up about ways you shouldn't do if you want to stay sunkissed longer; and we present a list of SPF beauty products that are to prevent your transformation into a red-burnt person.
Celebrities' Stylists: Who They Are, How They Build Stars' Careers and What Are Their Fashion Tips
Appearance does matter when it comes to business when celebrities are followed on social media and in real life every second. The stylists to whom they owe their popular careers are usually hidden behind the cameras. And if you're into fashion, you must know them to be aware of celebrities' hottest trends.
We're in the homestretch of spring, which literally abounds with bright news, fuchsia entrances, and vivid events. The world remembered how to live and derive pleasure. Marika team got together and created articles for your good living.

Inside the May issue, you'll find a desire to experience new horizons, a desire to know more about the world, and a desire to explore your own body.

The cover reflects the vibrant concept as well. Moreover, it retranslates the color that step by step captures the fashion world. The magazine contains not only the professionalism of the editors and speakers, but also their personal stories and feelings. The issue is sensual, ours and yours.
18-year-old Webcam Model Describes the BTS and Reality of Her Work
Anastasia has been working in the webcam sphere for over a year, and she has a lot to say. Anastasia honestly speaks up about her mental health, view of the world, and relationships with clients. If you still think of webcam models only in terms of prejudice or pity, the interview will show you another side of the coin.
Beauty Expert's Guide to Sunny Makeup Look
The days are becoming warmer and warmer, and our clothes are becoming more "summer." But what outfit can be spoiled by vivid make-up? And that's bright makeup for a sunny everyday life that awaits you in this article. A beauty expert tells you how to create a fresh, glowing makeup look.
Marika of Promising Places Full of Experience and Uniqueness
There are plenty of expensive restaurants and hotels, and Marika's editors choose the most inimitable ones. Here's a roundup of places that are sure to amaze you.
Kristian Grei Endorses: Toys That Must Be in Your Red Room
Marika team collaborated with a sex toy expert to share adult experiences. The main characters are the most popular sex devices and our honest opinions about each of them.
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