Celebrities' Stylists: Who They Are, How They Build Stars' Careers and What Are Their Fashion Tips

Behind the Stars

Celebrities are constantly featured in the news and articles thanks to their outfits, but in fact, their fashion popularity involves stylists who chase that very look for weeks, negotiating with fashion houses.

Stylists often set trends and have a huge influence in the industry, so you, as a fashion aficionado, need to know and follow them.
Kate Young
If desired, Kate Young could write an alternative ending to The Devil Wears Prada based on her own life. At a young age, she turned out to be an assistant to Anna Wintour herself, despite the fact that her parents did not particularly believe in Kate's "stylish" future and sent her to study Art History and English while she dreamed of a fashion college. After leaving Anna, Kate became an in-demand stylist all over Hollywood (and more).

Kate is responsible for the garments of Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev, Sophie Turner, Margot Robbie, and Dakota Johnson. Kate's craftsmanship is legendary. For instance, for Julianne Moore's appearance at Cannes, she got a necklace with 350 diamonds, 460 emeralds, and a huge 35-carat stone. I mean, some of us don't entrust a few bucks in debt while Kate does something like that.

In addition to her work as a stylist, she's managed to prove herself as a fashion editor-in-chief at Interview magazine, a Vogue article writer, and a YouTube blogger, so Kate's free fashion advice can be found in whatever format is handy for you.

Source: stylectory.com
Mimi Cuttrell
When Ariana married Dalton, she wore a dress that was discussed all over the fashion side of the Internet, and it was Mimi's doing. Maude Apatow, in the same hands, is becoming another fashion icon and is synonymous with the word "chic." Mimi is also behind the style of the Hadid sisters, who even seem to have style breath. Mimi got her own hashtag, #styledbymigi, from Gigi Hadid early in her career, and partly because of it, she made it to the top of the list of discussed stylists.

Mimi herself calls her style classic, comfortable, and simple. If your inner goddess is craving fashion clothing but is too lazy to seek out flashy outfit accents and is still hungry for inspiration, it's time to follow Mimi. Her outfits are all accent pieces. You won't see the bright variety, the tons of jewelry that you can tell by the sound of ringing that you're walking, or the oddly shaped clothes that are more likely to be worn to a meeting of extravagant personalities. Only practical, easy-to-repeat looks and a rule for life: to have high-fit jeans in your closet.

Source: coveteur.com
Law Roach
This is the name of the man who came to mind scanning his client's chest to provide her with an outlet in a pink metallic corset. Image architect Law had a long way to go, and he did it with the ease and style of an icon.

In 2009, while he was working at his vintage store in Chicago, Kanye West walked in the door along with a crowd of paparazzi. The unscheduled publicity brought Law a high-class clientele that included a young Zendaya, a Disney princess in the past and a carpet star in the present. Law himself is convinced that he "created the blueprint for her fashion career" (W Magazine, 2016). And so it is. As the two began working together, new contracts sprang up for Zendaya.

Thanks to Law Roach's boutique experience, his clients wear vintage one day and grab attention dressed in top brand exclusives the next. So Celine Dion, with his help, subtly hinted at who's the mommy here, appearing in a Vetements sweatshirt with a print of the movie Titanic. And Ariana, who was hesitant about going on tour with a high ponytail that even millennials would recognize her by, still left it behind when she heard "You have to" from Law Roach.

Source: hips.hearstapps.com
Briana Andalore
It's impossible to argue: without Briana, there would be no Julia. We all know that Fox does the makeup herself, but Briana Andalore was and is responsible for the hot leather pants, the bold holes-clothes and the red queen's outfits.

According to Briana herself, working with Julia is more of a vibe of collaborating on clothing choices, and it's not surprising since the two have been friends for more than 16 years. Their tandem was defined when Briana, with a backpack full of weed, bumped into Julia, who had a cat, at a party (Dazed, 2022). Indeed, it sounds like the perfect start to a long relationship.

Briana's style is her childhood of club fun and elementary school being in a "gay neighborhood" (Dazed, 2022) mixed with art. Her outfits are hard to call ordinary, but you'll get more fashion inspiration than in any contemporary museum.

Source: instagram.com/brianaandalore/
Dani Michelle
Dressing up Hailey Bieber so that her street looks are spread all over the public is no problem. Overshadowing Kendall's cucumber-slicing skills and showing that she is worthy of the title of model is a routine for Dani. She was an intern at Seventeen magazine and gained popularity when she became Kourtney Kardashian's stylist.

Speaking the language of digital, her working style is sexy-Insta-chic. Cropped tops, miniskirts with rough boots, or a tender dress with high boots are Dani's favorites that inspire a large percentage of Pinterest accounts.

Marika's choice is the What Dani Loves site, because this saintly person gives you the opportunity to dress Jenner-Kardashian style for almost free. On the page, you'll find bags, jewelry, and even lingerie that Dani recommends. Considering her clients' outfits are her fashion preferences plus the personality of the client herself, you can conquer social media with the practical site, too.

Source: images.jangdongshirt.com
Maeve Reilly
Maeve is almost a fashion necromancer because she was able to resurrect Megan Fox as an influencer. Admittedly, you (like the rest of us) had almost forgotten about the Transformers star's existence, but after reading the latest issues of magazines and scrolling through your social media feed, you remembered her again.

The stylist is also behind the legendary appearances of Hailey Bieber and the sisters D'Amelio. Maeve's battleground is streetwear, which she came up with at exactly the moment when everyone was getting bored with celebrities in glamorous garments. Look at her clients: their outfits are often styled with a blazer and not necessarily from the women's department.

One of her tips is to wear what you're comfortable in and then improve on it. Another is to feel free to give preference to clothes that you can wear more than once and in different ways. This is the "green" fashion that Marika endorses. Maeve also has her own YouTube channel, where every Sunday there is a video with fashionable actual tips.

Source: fashionweekdaily.com
Jahleel Weaver
Harry Lambert
Harry Styles was every girl's dream. When he started working with Harry Labert, he became their icon. A huge part of the singer's popularity is his outfits, which drive you crazy. And we should all thank the stylist for Styles in a feather boa, silk shirt, and sparkly jumpsuit, because we didn't know we needed it so much.

Harry was destined for an amazing career because of his unique style: old but gold, with elements of fine art and camp. His work could be called a fashion ambassador for zoomers, whose main thing is to live without stereotypes (especially gender). And if you look at authentic shots from art magazines, Harry's name is likely to be there. And he is also a kind of influencer: his page has more than 700,000 followers.

Source: media.gq-magazine.co.uk
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