Cruelty-Free Fashion to be Green and Slay

Everything You Need to Know About Winter Eco Fashion

If your heart adores animals and wants to have fluffy coats and shiny leather boots at once, Marika is here to present you with sustainable and cruelty-free fashion that will warm you and turn you into a catwalk-worthy model.
As winter is coming, fashion followers finally get their coats, fur boots, and leather bags they've bought for the snowy season. Eco-activists look askance at them, being briskly sure that a crime against nature for the sake of trends is unfolding before their eyes. We represent fashion and, at the same time, share the views of the second, so here's the solution for both of them: sustainable fur and leather.

In recent years, designers have grabbed hold of the most vegan olive branch, which symbolizes the peace between clothing production and flora and fauna. Demand from leading companies and their consumers arose, and manufactured from synthetic or organic materials, fur and leather appeared on stage.

The trump card of faux materials is the fact that they're cruelty-free, but they also have another superiority over natural leather and fur.

Natural leather and fur are the most expensive to work with, their manufacturing is harder, and you'll spend even more time, money, and patience caring for them. Sooner or later, we all come to the moment of standing in front of a charming leather bag or stunning fur boots that cost a fortune. At that moment, our moral principles are tested, and the number of zeros on the price tag seems wrong. Faux materials save you money by being affordable, easy to clean, indistinguishable to the touch (compared with natural materials), and even waterproof. Pay less and have more.

Truthfully, there are more capabilities for both the manufacturing and customer side. Faux materials can be virtually any color, so when the trend for turquoise or lime clothes captures the minds of designers and their followers, only vegan leather and fur will run the show. That's what they will do as well when it comes to unique shapes, unusual textures, and details of a product; in all of this, the natural materials are very limited in their wide shapes and color production.

The myth that scares some is the shorter product life, but faux materials are again the winners. Eco leather, for example, is less prone to cracking, peeling, staining or fading from ultraviolet radiation.
Where to Buy Vegan Fur and Leather Clothes
Pixie Mood
Here, you won't find products over $130, but you will see affordable bags, clutches, wallets, cases, and organizers of high-quality and vegan materials. The products are smart and, most importantly, that we love, they don't have that logomania issue, so the bags would suit any outfit.
That brand is always at the top of vegan bag stores, having a wide range of assortiment. They are known as an accessories brand, but on their site you will find belts, shoes, sunglasses, knitwear and the cutest AirPods case. Succinct and classy.
Remember that milky fur coat that's worn by every self-respecting fashion blogger because it's literally the synonym for "trendy winter"? Noize carries it, as well as bombers, jackets, and puffers that go viral as the seasons change. They even have outerwear for dogs, straight to the heart.
Unreal Fur
This brand is for those who caught the wave of the vintage clothing trend in early 2022 and refuse to get off it. The store also has minimalistic-designed outerwear for colder and warmer seasons.
Stella McCartney
The brand was animal-friendly when it wasn't mainstream. SM opened in 2010 and never used natural leather or fur. If you're looking for fashion items made of eco-materials, by famous brand names and luxury segments, from now on you know where to go.
Algae insoles, breathable materials, memory foam under the ball, and one small eco-fact for every purchase is about Veerah. They create shoes and accessories for them like straps, brooches, or chains, so it makes them a luxury brand of custom shoes.
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