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Who knows the best must-visit places in a city? The locals. We have surfed the Internet and checked as many reviews as we can to select nine places. They are not about fleecing the tourists; they are about entertainment, mouthwatering food, and quality recreation in conceptual interiors. The locals know their motherland better than those tourist sites. Trust them.
Atticus HotelDowntown McMinnville, Oregon

Atticus is situated in the historic part of Oregon; you can even say it is in the heart of it, surrounded by the Willamette Valley, one of the greenest things in the USA. Each of its 36 rooms was created in collaboration with local craftsmen, artists, and designers, so the guests are literally immersed in local history. The vibe there is about the 1990s and quiet luxury style. The available recreational activities also correspond: horseback riding, flying above Oregon in a hot air balloon, visiting craft breweries, getting inside an olive mill, and walking across the wine country. Just get your partner and visit it to make a proposal, even if you are already married, because it is a perfect place from the movies.

Source: @atticushotel

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Québec, Canada

It is like the founder of the hotel thought, "What if he created a Hogwarts-like castle with bright colors and modern interior rooms?" In all the canons of a royal castle, you will be met by a doorman, and a real butler will help you get used to it. They already have a special menu for those who follow a diet, and kids of yours or your neighbors will not disturb the relaxation as they provide nannies. The location of the hotel will close all your travel gestalts as there are 126 restaurants and 116 outside-the-hotel entertainments within half a kilometer. After checking out a virtual tour, you will immediately fall in love with the castle and want to spend money on a booking.
Best Western Premier Park Hotel & Spa
Lippspringe, Germany

It seems the mystery is solved: they took a sanatorium and upgraded it to a hotel. This may be the only explanation why this hotel relaxes its guests to the max and has such views. Namely: the remote location from the hustle and bustle of the big cities; the appearance of the mansion from which Mr. Grey comes out in the movies; free breakfast delivered to your bed; swimming pools with all the delights like jacuzzi, spa, hammam, massage; renting bicycles for a leisurely ride around the beauty of Germany. It's a salvation of the soul that has been working for the last few months. But our favorite thing about this hotel is the manicure and pedicure services. You don't have to run around before your flight, and you can get it done in a relaxed environment. The other hotels need to learn from them.

Source: @park_hotel

Source: @tabernalabola
La Bola
Madrid, Spain

La Bola has had its menu since 1870, and it is literally screaming "traditions." The history of Spain may be found, whether in museums or in this restaurant. The owners raised four generations in Madrid, and they are still on top, according to locals. On the menu are unique filet and tripe, slow-roasted milk lamb, which will be served with glasses of skillful Spanish wine, and for dessert, apple fritters with ice cream and rice pudding. The food is cooked in clay pots in a real oven, which gives the meat a mild flavor. In recent years, the restaurant has won nine awards for quality, taste, and even hospitality.
Panadería Rosetta
Mexico City, Mexico

For the locals, it is the best bakery in Mexico. The main highlight is the cooking using only Mexican ingredients. Though the pastry is variable as never. Croquenbush, tarts, doughnuts, croissants, rolls, sweet breads, cakes, pies, muffins, and things we never remembered the names of. All in Panadería Rosetta. When you visit the bakery as a tourist, it is revealing as something more: come in winter and find out one menu; visit in summer and get pastry items that are different because the format is seasonal, changing from time to time. And yes, you can be a guest there even if you are on a no-sugar diet, as they serve pasta, soups, fish, and meat as well.

Source: @panaderiarosetta

Source: @matricianella
Rome, Italy

The restaurant is historical; it was established in 1957 and was named after a girl with the nickname Matricianella. The present owners say that they not just provide Roman cuisine but also share food with tasting memories: "it is like becoming children again for a while, rediscovering childhood's tastes and smells." The prices here are not exorbitant, and the restaurant does not position itself as a luxury restaurant, but the quality of it is evidenced by the demand. It is a lovely place for entrepreneurs, sports and public figures, and other Italian celebrities. They chose the restaurant because of great food, not because of paid collaboration, and it is an important sign in 2023.
Jack the Ripper Walking Tour
London, UK
All Autumn

Good girls watch documentaries about serial killers when they want to relax after a hard day. They like to read the biography of Ted Bundy and the psychological analysis of Billy Milligan. And of course, they buy a ticket for a walking tour of "Jack the Ripper." For seven nights in a row, you will walk on the path of policemen who tried to catch the criminal on the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields. Among the guides are published authors who know everything about Jack the Ripper and are ready to uncover little-known facts. The walk is structured as an investigation, which plunges you headfirst into the Victorian era of horror.


Dave's Beer and Brewery Tour
Sydney, Australia
All Autumn

Beer is as noble as wine. If you doubt it, you are the client for this tour, for sure. Sydney has several tours like that, and this one is in the top 3 and, moreover, award-winning. It covers the behind-the-scenes route along Dave's brewery, distillery, or winery in Sydney. The guides will tell you the story of the drink and beer-making methods and give you a chance to try each item they talk about. The purpose is also tempting because they will teach you how to taste all the flavors of beer and how to understand its quality and characteristics. So after the tour, you will glance at the drink, as it is an art and the result of research and hard work.
Guédelon Castle
Paris, France
All Autumn

Back in the day, Medici and Reign took over the minds of viewers. You can still find TikToks with the main characters and tense moments. And if you are the user who likes them or you are a big fan of France, medieval castles, or the life of a real princess, don't walk - run to visit Guédelon. It is a castle that was built with the technologies and materials of the Middle Ages. Why? To have a great construction that is not a replica but a true creation of old minds without modern double-glazed windows or electricity. There, you can observe bread-making in the castle kitchen, watch woodturners at work, and be the viewer of a fire show straight out of the Middle Ages.

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