Nine Most Relaxing and Chilling Places to Visit THIS SUMMER

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We want your summer 23 to be superlative, and for that, you need a list of prominent places to visit. We've made it for you by selecting travel spots with various vibes so you can relax with all your soul and body, experience a high-quality vacation and service, feel warm nostalgia, loosen up, and forget about norms while trying something new.
Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco
Tuscany, Italy

Imagine Mr. Gray from 50 Shadows and what his house might look like if he were Italian. That's the Rosewood hotel. Secluded islets of nature, vineyards, and horseback riding are surrounded by only vibrant fields, so the guests get relaxed to the maximum. No tourist group that noisily wanders around, no cacophony of a big city; there you find a classic Tuscan vacation with terraces, wines, golf, even Ferrari riding, and it all comes with your own authentic house.

Source: @rosewoodcastigliondelbosco

Source: @scarlethotel
Cornwall, UK

Just for adults is one of the most pleasant phrases when we're talking about vacations. Scarlet is the one that offers such an opportunity to rest. Being an eco-place, the hotel will show you how to live in a balanced relationship with the natural coastal ecosystem. It's literally built out of recycled materials; the hotel reduces waste and uses 100% renewable-source electricity. Eco is its thing number one. Thing number two: each suite has a sea and land view, so you don't need to fight for it.
Grand Hotel
Mackinac Island, Michigan

If you're a fan of old money fashion, you have to visit the Grand Hotel, which has the same vibe and aesthetic. A typical day there may be: you wake up in your four-poster bed, have breakfast in one of the 14 hotel restaurants, then go play croquet with a coast view. After another meal, you'll have afternoon tea accompanied by live music; next is swimming or biking as a mini rest before Grand Hotel shopping; and the last is a light promenade in the garden or Nature Center. Fancy wealthy hotel for that most luxurious vacation.

Source: @grandhotelmichigan

Source: @waterbarsf
San Francisco, California

The main detail is in the title, and even though it also has "bar" in it, in fact, it's a restaurant with such great dishes that they write about them in Forbes. The view from Waterbar is of San Francisco Bay. The restaurant offers the freshest seafood, mouth-watering meat dishes, and desserts of astonishing serving that will bring you tons of likes after you slice it beautifully in your stories.
The Farmhouse
Auckland, New Zealand

The restaurants are good, but they all have the same aesthetic of a complicated, rich place. One day you want something more light and down to earth. The Farmhouse is a rural bakery and coffee shop that, surprisingly for its owners, has grown from a quiet to-go format into a business that attracts people from distant cities. Besides drinks and freshly baked pastries served in the villa, you'll see (caution: too cute) bees, cattle, horses, and sheep. After the seasonal meal, you can buy milk, tea, or coffee and go home with organic farm food.

Source: @thefarmhousenz

Source: @gong_bar
London, UK

When coming to London, travelers may visit the Shard, the highest building in Western Europe. The views from up there are amazing, which can't be said about the ticket price. Grab your money, enter the Gong bar, and have the same views but with benefits. Gong is not only a bar serving mouthwatering cocktails but also a great place to have your meal. In the atmosphere of a Chinese-inspired interior, you can taste sashimi, rolls, sides made of truffles and beans, and an exceptional mochi dessert.
World of Barbie
Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Until 30 June

Here's an obvious prediction: barbiecore is going to rule this summer. The eponymous film will be released in July, and Valentino's Pink is forecasted to get back in fashion, so we are all sure to be obsessed with the famous doll's aesthetic and world. And you can visit this world in the heart of Los Angeles. Limited in time, Barbie World will bring you back to your childhood. There is a gift shop where you can get a custom-made doll; an exhibition with Barbie and accessories from over six decades, exclusive to LA Paul Mitchell's beauty salon; and Dreamhouse's locations perfect for memory photo shooting. Forget about adult life in Barbie World; you deserve it.

Source: @worldofbarbietour

Source: @lollapalooza
Chicago, Illinois
3-6 August

What do Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Lana del Rey, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have in common, except for the fact that they are amazing artists? They all will give a concert in Grant Park, and you can get a ticket to see it. In fact, the lineup for the four-day festival is huge, and we stopped counting at 60 participants. Among them are also Korean groups like TXT, NewJeans, and The Rose. It makes the festival perfect for you and your friend, who have absolutely opposite tastes in music.
Cap d'Agde Naturist Village
Le Cap d'Agde, France
All summer

A unique cherry on top and a real g-spot for any traveler is an unfettered village. There you have everything: clubs, parties, beaches, camping — but with one rule: you should be naked, or at least with minimum clothes. The village is naturist, so its citizens have made the place perfect for carnal pleasures, one-night meetings, and kinky parties. Those who have visited the village describe the atmosphere there as comfortable and full of friendly and open-minded people. It's hot, safe, and relaxing; what else do you need?

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