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The Hottest Variety, or Sex in Different Countries

Sex is literally something without which humans cannot survive. It can be useful, necessary, or pleasurable — each nation or country has its own perception. During the hottest season, Marika's editorial staff shares countries with different sexual norms. Perhaps after reading this, you will visit them to see what they say in practice.
France and Polyamory
If you were asked what the most romantic country is, you would undoubtedly name France, the home of eroticism. Sex in this country is primarily seen as a source of pleasure. Sleeping with someone and not enjoying it is the worst thing that can happen. It is the openness of the French themselves that allows such a need to be met. It even seems to us that polyamory was not created by nature but by the world's first Frenchman. It is common for them to have several partners, and it is normal even for presidents.

The former head of the country, François Hollande, for example, married his mistress, and if that is the darkest stain on your reputation, the French do not agree with you. After all, they had already seen President Mitterrand live with two families. Moreover, when Hollande rode to his mistress on a scooter, the American media was horrified by the politician's cheating. The French, on the other hand, were outraged that riding a scooter for the president was not very safe. In this country, the need for sex is like the need for food: if you suppress it, you get nervousness and headaches. And nobody likes to be sick there.
Thailand and Duality
If sex tourism had a capital country, it would be Thailand. It is exotic and diverse, and we are not talking about fruit right now. However, prostitution is officially banned in this country, so everything you thought about sex in Thailand is probably wrong. Local millennials are sure that talking about sex is taboo, sleeping with someone before marriage is bad, and coitus scenes in movies are obscene. Thais turn a blind eye to men's wild, celibate sex lives but do not give girls freedom in this regard. The younger generation is gradually breaking these norms. For example, cyber-dating for sex has been gaining popularity among 16-year-olds since 2000. As a result, a dual norm has emerged in modern Thailand. On the one hand, they strive for modern relationships and experiments in sex before marriage; on the other hand, they value virginity and modesty and listen to their parents, who raise them according to the "old laws."
Japan and Fetishism
This country is more about fetishism than sex. Think of any strange sexual desire; it already exists in Japan, and in special places you can buy everything that will help you experience it to the maximum. Sex dolls were invented there; hentai too; bondage and sex cosplay—guess what? — also originated in Japan. This kind of openness is not the cause, but the consequence. In this country, sex is encouraged as the beginning of everything. According to the legend of written monuments, the creation of the world was the result of sexual intercourse between the deities.

Prostitution is illegal in Japan today, but there is a loophole. The term refers only to paid sex with penetration. So massage parlors with additional services exist in almost every city. So do unusual brothels, such as those with dolls. Since ancient times, it has been believed that the sexual desire of men is natural, and with whom or what to get it is not so important. This is where the legs — and not just the legs — of Japanese fetishism come from.
India and Sexual Practice
India is a country of tradition and is conservative in every aspect, including sex. But herein lies something interesting, which has to do with religion. Hinduism has several directions. Simply put, the religious life of an Indian depends on the deity he worships. These different "lives" have different approaches to sex. Sexual practices are the most common. For example, maithuna is sexual intercourse, which is seen as a fusion on a physical and spiritual level. The meaning of this is not sex itself but the exploration of the partner, union with him, and getting closer to the divine. Sexually, we are all behind India because physical sensations are not all you can take from a partner.

Nor should we forget the Kama Sutra, a treatise that contains pictures of poses that can replace going to the gym. It also describes the place of love in one's life, courtship, seduction, and even how to behave properly in marriage. The Kama Sutra perfectly describes the sexual culture in India: liberated, encouraging fidelity, and spirited.
Brazil and Carnival Sex
The Brazilians have fun, noise, and looseness flowing through their veins. The scorching sun leaves no choice, and the locals don't wear layers of garments, so they are used to having as unclothed a body as possible. You won't find shyness or conservatism in sex today. A few years ago, girls in Brazil were supposed to be modest, just like in Thailand, but feminist movements and women's desires to be freer sexually have done their work. Younger ones are more open there; members of older generations are close to the former unspoken laws. Among them, for example, are multiple partners in men as a manifestation of masculinity. By the way, because of this way of thinking, exchanging information about the number of sexual partners in Brazil has become the norm. If your Brazilian partner likes you, you're bound to hear it during the process. It's like a carnival, but in the bedroom.
Greece and Perfect Approach
Your sexologist would approve of a Greek as a sexual partner. They are adventurous in the bedroom but also respectful of their partners' boundaries and desires. Communication and honesty are the main pillars of sex in Greece. If you mention that you don't like a certain position, the Greek will discuss why, suggest an alternative, and, in addition, ask and take into account what you like best in sex.

Remember all those naked figures made of stone by Greek masters? These figures, the legends, and the mythology have merged with Western sexual norms. The result is that Greece has a large number of nudist beaches. Greeks are not shy about their bodies; they accept them and are not afraid to show them, but at the same time, they do not violate other people's sexual boundaries.
Kenya and Group Sex
Here we will look at only the most unusual layer of sexual culture in Kenya. These are tribes, which means they have ancient customs that would seem strange and unacceptable to people from other countries. For example, sex is a tool for some tribes. Through ritual intercourse with several partners, Kenyans increase the fertility of their lands. The logic here is that high sexual activity leads to a great harvest, and the more people who participate in the ritual, the better.

They perceive sex as the reputation of the whole group, so everyone is obliged to follow the rules. Thus, Kenyans do not allow young men to have sexual intercourse with girls until it is allowed by their group. By the same rules, voyeurism is also approved in the tribes for control purposes. Unique? Yes. Would you like to become familiar with such sex? Up to you.
Ireland and High Activity
Meet the most perfect country for sex. According to a 2015 Well Woman Centre survey, 93% of Irish people are sexually active. Only 14% of women and 11% of men have one partner. 93% enjoy sex. Apparently, they achieved sexual awareness a long time ago but didn't share the secret with the rest of the world. Sex in Ireland is an integral part of life. So integral, in fact, that last year they were named the second most sex-conscious country in the world (Irish Mirror, 2022). The state itself has made great strides in sex education, legalizing same-sex marriage, and allowing sexually explicit conversations. All of this has had a positive effect on local people. They are open and willing to discuss and experiment. Conclusion: having an Irish partner may be the best solution in your life.
Germany and Kinky Pleasure
When one thinks of sex, one thinks of porn. And when one thinks of porn, one thinks of Germany. Sexual freedom is found in every German. Discussing the benefits of oral sex in the company of friends is the norm for them. They are open-minded about sex, so they can be called as free as possible in this respect. At the same time, Germans are very reserved, so sexual freedom is only shown in a close circle of friends.

The sex pearl of Germany is the KitKat Club. Here, with trance and house music, visitors satisfy their kinky needs. The dress code includes fetish costumes and partial nudity. There is absolute sexual freedom inside the club. Consider it a hedonist headquarters because all orientations are allowed there, and sex is not only allowed but, we would say, desirable.
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