From Music to Fashion: The Story of Jonathan Barca and His Brand LML Clothing by Halfwait
In a world where music and fashion often intertwine, few have managed to combine these spheres as convincingly as Jonathan Barca. Known as a former of the rock band Halfwait, Jonathan made a bold move by leaving the stage and founding his clothing brand - LML Clothing. In our interview, he shares his journey from the music scene to the world of fashion. This story is about how a creative spirit can open unexpected horizons and inspire new beginnings.
Jonathan Barca: Musician, Designer, Inspirer
Jonathan Barca, the founder of LML Clothing and the guitarist-vocalist of the rock band Halfwait, is a living example of a multifaceted personality who combines the talents of a musician and a designer. His life path reflects not just musical expertise but also a deep understanding of fashion and style. "My passion for music and fashion have always gone hand in hand, influencing each other," says Jonathan. His character is a perfect blend of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, evident in both his musical creations and his approach
to fashion brand development.
Personal Views and Beliefs
Jonathan is not just a fashion line creator; he is also an inspirer and motivator. His philosophy, permeating both his music and fashion, is founded on positivity, self-expression, and unity. "It's important to me that my work contributes positively to the world," he shares. These values infiltrate his approach to life and creativity, making him not just a successful professional but also a person with deep social responsibility and a sense of community.

Jonathan Barca combines the charisma of a musician with the insight of a designer, making him a standout figure in both worlds. His story and achievements are a vivid example of how talent, persistence, and the pursuit of new horizons can inspire and motivate others.

"My passion for fashion has always been with me, and I wanted to create a brand that would reflect my tastes and inspirations."
Jonathan's journey to creating LML Clothing began in early 2022, following his burgeoning interest in fashion while working on merchandise for his band. "It all started with music," says the founder of LML Clothing by Halfwait today. His experience in the rock band Halfwait led to the creation of the fashion line. "Our latest singles 'Live my
life' and 'My past' laid the foundation for the brand's name
and philosophy," he shares.
Brand Philosophy: Positive Impact
LML Clothing is about more than just apparel. "We aim to inspire people towards a positive outlook on life and unite them across different cultures and backgrounds," he says. The brand name, an abbreviation of "Live My Life," mirrors the idea of positivity and self-expression. The core mission is to bring positive changes to the world of fashion, making LML Clothing not just a brand but a cultural movement that redefines street fashion by incorporating elements from various styles and directions.
Design and Quality: Simplicity, Effectiveness, Luxury

"We focus on simple yet effective design elements," Jonathan explains. He notes the use of high-quality materials like organic cotton, French terry, and Italian leather in shoe production. "Our goal is to create something simple yet effective, with an emphasis on quality." From clothing to footwear, each item in the collection aligns with contemporary fashion trends.

Target Audience

LML Clothing targets the youth demographic, aged 18 to 35, and is popular in the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, and Australia. The brand embraces diversity, covering various fashion styles from streetwear to designer footwear. "Our audience is those who appreciate urban style and quality," says Jonathan. Additionally, the brand follows a wholesale pricing model, making its products accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Materials and Environmental Responsibility
A variety of materials are used in production, including organic cotton and French terry. The brand emphasizes the durability of its products. Jonathan shares that only high-quality materials are used in production. "We aim to minimize our ecological footprint," he notes. Furthermore, LML Clothing actively implements environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods, using renewable resources and materials that are not harmful to the environment.
Sources of Inspiration: Fashion and Music Icons

Jonathan draws inspiration from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Stussy, Obey, Ellesse, as well as his musical experiences with Halfwait. "Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand, inspiring me to create a unique style," he shares. "The simplicity and consistency of branding that these brands demonstrate and apply so effectively stand out to me now as both the owner of LML Clothing by Halfwait and as a consumer. I emphasize this as it's a crucial aspect of branding in any industry where you're doing business and trying to create and strengthen your brand recognition and consumer attention in the market," says Jonathan.

Where to Buy: Accessibility for Everyone

Jonathan takes pride in the fact that LML Clothing is available not just in the brand's online store but also through various online platforms, including Google Shopping, Grailed, Faire Wholesale, Seebiz, Brandboom, Trada, Circular, Eworldtrade, Facebook shop, Instagram Shop, and many others. "Clothing should be accessible to everyone," he says. LML Clothing plans to develop further in the direction of digitalizing wholesale trade. "We want to offer not only quality products but also the convenience of purchasing," notes Jonathan.

Future Plans
The upcoming LML Clothing collection will include an expanded range of outerwear, as well as jeans, cargo shorts, chinos, and other items reflecting the latest trends and the needs of their target audience. "We are continuously evolving and plan to expand our assortment," shares Jonathan.
Advice on Choosing Clothing

"A lot of people in general that are buying Men's and Women's clothing mostly being consumed online from fashion stores and marketplaces as it's a relatively normal thing to do in the current times that we live in which has its benefits which there is no question about that aspect of it. Although make sure your doing the research before being caught up without having done your research and investing towards following the trends based solely upon the fact of how cheap that your able to purchase a single item whether that be a Hoodie/ Sweatshirt/ Leggings etc for $5 USD for one piece including shipping the product to your doorstep. I'm only saying this as I know it's actually happening and I know of people that have previously engaged in this exact process as I've just mentioned.

It's always good to do your research in anything before you commit to making that final decision, although it's your own personal choice and decision which I can respect but my advice would be if it is simply based on getting the lowest price as you can possibly get. Sometimes it's better to go for the option that is slightly higher but based upon some logic and experience to better understand that you're guaranteed to make a wiser decision in the long term outcome of your purchase," advises Jonathan.

Unforgettable Moments:
The Road to Success

Jonathan recalls the standout moments in the journey of the brand: "Music is a part of our soul, and this is reflected in every element of LML Clothing. The best part for me is the positive feedback from people around the world. It confirms that we are moving in the right direction. Every response and positive reaction to our products is a special moment," says Jonathan. Thus, LML Clothing by Halfwait is not just a fashion brand, but a cultural phenomenon that combines music, style, and quality. Born at the intersection of art and fashion, it continues to attract attention and win the hearts of street style enthusiasts worldwide.

Jonathan Barca is not just the founder of a fashion brand, but a person who has successfully transferred his passion and energy from the music industry to the world of fashion, creating the unique and inspiring brand LML Clothing by Halfwait. His story is an example of how different worlds can be united to create something new and exciting.

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