Unlocking the Power of Massage for a Transformed Body

Massage as One Way to Improve All Parts of Your Body

The co-author: Rina Bogomolova @vaselisa.rs
We move, we sit, we get injured, and we suffer from stress. The psyche and body are interconnected, so you can start working on one to get the other in order. Massage is a great tool for this. This is a magnificent reality that will ensure a healthy body and subsequently keep your body beautiful. How, why and how - we'll cover this in the most in-depth guide to massage in collaboration with massage specialist from Serbia, Rina Bogomolova.
Fundamentals of Basics
The only thing that can compare to sex is massage. It is pleasant, unforgettable, and leaves the body in complete bliss afterwards. It's simple: you lie down, and you are kneaded. You get your lymph system moving, water removed from your body, sometimes beaten and hurt, and then you pay for it. This is an amazing suggestion behind which is actually getting the body into the shape it needs to work in. Massages can be therapeutic or cosmetic. The first one addresses sore muscles, for example, while the second improves the quality of the skin, corrects problem areas, and transforms its appearance. Although cosmetic massage is also a healing one, because the health of the organism means the beauty of the body.

So let's start with lymph, what it is, and why everyone is moving it. Lymph is another vital fluid in our body. So important that everyone has as much as two liters of it. It is in the position of general cleaner: ensuring metabolism, cleansing the body and ridding it of toxins. Its dream path consists of many twists and turns, namely the lymph nodes. There she cleanses herself of everything she has picked up along the way.

Bottom line: lymph moves non-stop - the body feels good, the immune system protects the body, and the cardiovascular system works like clockwork; lymph gets "stuck" on the way - you swell, the body feels heavier, and, as the cherry on the cake, because of failures in the work of the main cleaner overstretch other workers of the body.

Massage is one of the solutions to disperse lymph, feel better, and eliminate the swelling that serves as a misleading sign to everyone else that you had a drink last night. Doing yoga and drinking water regularly also gets the lymph working, but it's hard to disagree that lying down for an hour or two in a massage session is more comfortable and enjoyable than posing a tree at yoga.
All Shapes and Colors
The kneading act can be categorized into the following groups:
  1. Therapeutic or medical massage;
  2. Relaxing or SPA massage;
  3. Aesthetic or modelling massage;
  4. Anti-cellulite massage;
  5. Sports massage.
A medical massage is the one where they turn their elbows on you and pat and hit areas of the body. This pleasure is prescribed by doctors as an additional treatment but not the main one. It treats diseases and injuries by improving blood flow, relieving muscle tension, reducing pain, and restoring the function of damaged tissues. This type of massage is suitable for people with osteochondrosis, arthritis, muscle spasms, and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The main thing is to not become a doctor-on-the-second and to not practice therapeutic massage from YouTube videos. If you want to try it out, great. Make an appointment with a professional so you don't accidentally mess up your or someone else's body at home.

A spa massage is the one any it-girl or girl with old money vibes goes to. They play calm music, light candles, use fragrant oils, and stroke you. It promotes physical and emotional relaxation. It is like a massage from your partner, but of high quality. After a spa massage, you will reduce stress, improve your sleep, lower your anxiety levels, and get a huge dose of endorphins.

So here it is, the king of all massages. Modelling massage is aimed at improving the appearance of the skin and reducing body volume. It's what helps to tighten the skin and take off a few kilos. This coin has two sides like the others. First, you will have to prepare yourself for the fact that you may experience noticeable pain during your massage session due to kneading inflammation. They will rub off on you like never before. The second side is that the pain is worth it. Already after the first session, you are guaranteed to lose 2-3 cm in body volume, and the pain will be less and less vivid. Aesthetic massage is perfectly combined with bathing procedures and cosmetic facial and body treatments.

While aesthetic massage targets the entire body, anti-cellulite massage focuses on areas with "orange peel." Moreover, people liked it so much that masseurs invented a second, more substantial method—with the help of special tools. Here, you will have to go several times because anti-cellulite massage is applied in a course. So each subsequent session increases the layering of fat under the skin more and more intensively.

The tool massage makes more movements than human hands, but it is not adjustable in some areas. Not everywhere can be massaged intensively or at all. An expert will be able to appreciate this with a manual massage and will work more precisely. Again, which to apply depends on the doctor's comment.

Sports massage is only for athletic people because of its intensity. It involves both the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and strains in athletes. It is divided into three categories: warming up, training, and recovery. Think of it as like a warm-up and a hiccup that warms up, soothing the muscles so they work and not tear. Training is aimed at relieving stiffness in the arms and legs during competition or long training sessions. If you keep your body toned in the gym, this type of massage will help you improve your sports skills and abilities and thus lead to better results.

Yes-es and No-es Before and After
Everything you do and don't do before and after a massage will affect your body. Sounds scary. In reality, it's easy and logical.

Before the massage, it is better to take a shower to cleanse your pores. Another argument is that it is simply hygienic and polite to the masseur. Going on an empty stomach is taboo, as is going for a massage immediately after eating. You don't even have to imagine what it would be like to have your stomach forcefully massaged with food. An hour and a half after a meal will be enough to avoid getting into funny situations. Smoking before the session is also not recommended. Massage removes toxins, and after a cigarette, all the odor will be expelled through the lungs and pores. And surprise! It will provide you with a strong tobacco "flavor" for the whole day.

A great option afterwards is to drink lots of water. Remember the great and terrible lymph? It's already hyped up and working at its best, and with water, it will work at its best 200%. You can take a warm bath; it will soothe your skin, especially if you've been crumpled with therapeutic fierceness. Intense exercise after a massage is forbidden. Your body has already been strained, so why bother it again? To avoid dehydration, do not drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.

And of course, you should not go for a massage without a doctor's approval if you are pregnant or suffering from a disease, even the flu. A body temperature above 37 degrees is also a stop.
How to Know He's Terrible at Massage Bed
People like to make money with even a little knowledge. However, when he's a masseur who can push and leave you damaged for life, it's best to know how to tell the difference between a professional and a layman.

First, of course, check out his education. It may not be a medical university degree, but the courses and practices taken should be. It is better to do this before booking a session, when you can google the reality and quality of these courses on the Internet.Secondly, the specialist will always ask you about injuries, body peculiarities, and diseases. Only after gathering all the information will he himself offer the best recommendations and techniques. If you are not asked and just shoved with a "menu", it is better to leave and never come back.

Bad masseurs are negligent about sanitary norms, contraindications, and allergies, which are important to pay attention to in order not to harm the client. Another nuance is pain. Yes, it can be present during the massage, but it should be tolerable. A client on a massage bed should never be in unbearable pain. They are blacklisted if they are not interested in your condition afterward.

Another fact is that they are lazy, static, move very little, do not think about the peculiarities of your body, and prefer to discuss something with you. It's like you're not in a session but in a café. All these should definitely be considered together, as a professional should be able to communicate well to understand the needs and requirements of the clients.
Get Yourself Comfy
What if, for some reason, you can't book a massage appointment? There's a reason we compared it to sex in the beginning. You can also give yourself a massage pleasure. Choose the tool of your choice: jar, mitt, tennis or massage ball, brush, or roll. You can do self-massage once a day for no more than 20 minutes, but it is very important to stick to the technique. Ideally, you go into a hot shower first. This will warm up the body and dilate the vessels, preparing the muscles for the procedure.

Brushing massage with, don't be surprised, a dry brush helps get rid of dead skin and cellulite. This massage is best done before, rather than after, water procedures. It is pleasant to do it in the morning, it is invigorating and helps to revitalize. You start with 3 minutes a day, gradually increasing to 15, but no more. Brushing should only be done on dry skin. Just like everywhere else, start from the bottom and move the brush upward. You should not massage further when you see redness on the skin. This just signals that the massage is over. A contrast shower at the end will wash away keratinized cells. Here, the brush can be replaced with a massage mitt.

Massage with a roll or specialized ball is very simple. You put the instrument on the floor if it is a roll or on the wall if it is a ball, lean against it, and gently massage the body for no more than 15 minutes. The main thing is to avoid areas where bones and joints protrude, areas under the knees, the inner thigh, the groin area and to affect only soft tissues.

In addition, you can do the following at home because of the cumulative effect, which no one canceled:
  • lymphatic drainage exercises for three minutes a day
  • proper nutrition without a huge amount of carbohydrates
  • body gua sha massage
  • scrubbing
  • body moisturizing with creams
  • wrapping (except hot wraps)
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