Eleven trendy ways to destroy your skin

Skin Care You Need to Stop

This article is not medical; if you are concerned about your skin, consult a specialist.
The beauty sphere is huge, and it has dozens of various products. Marketers insist you need them all, while bloggers invent new lifehacks and give contradictory advice on how to make your skin glow. But where is the truth? Marika team analyzed the most viral skincare ideas and found eleven common myths you believe in.
More Natural the Better
We're convinced of this in all spheres: fashion, food, and, of course, beauty. And on top of natural products are physical scrubs made of, for example, apricot bone or walnut. But the truth is, these scrubs aren't gentle at all; they damage your skin, causing microtears. Months of use can result in a scratched epidermal layer that allows viruses and bacteria to pass through. So please use chemical scrubs instead and forget about nuts and seeds.

The same "no naturals" rule goes with vitamin C from fruits. Another lifehack from social media will literally burn your skin. Oranges, tangerines, and other C-fruits have acid that is extremely rich and can cause irritation and increase the sensitivity of the skin. So chemical vitamin C is your only friend.
Magic Warrior Against Blackheads
The introduction of pore stripes ushered in a new era of both beauty weapons and entertainment. Watching all these TikToks where one removes a pore strip and pulls out numerous blackheads is satisfying and reassuring. But stop here and don't use them unless you want to peel off not only blackheads but also a layer of skin. Retinol or salicylic acid products can be a safe substitute.

However, when pore stripes are only half of the problem, a charcoal peel-off mask is the most pressing issue in the beauty industry today. You probably saw videos where people accidentally pulled their eyebrows off or were crying out in pain while removing the mask. This is the red flag that should alert you. Use vitamin A instead, and don't believe it when you hear, "If it hurts, it works."
Everyday Cleansing
It seems that there is nothing wrong with it. After all, it's a skincare routine! No, dear, these bloggers lied to you because they don't know the full truth. If your skin type is dry or sensitive, an everyday cleanse will mercilessly destroy it. This is only recommended for oily or acne-prone skin types to remove excess oil and dirt. Special skin means special treatment.
Great Deception of Marketing
This trick spawned a quarter of the useless jars and tubes that are still in demand. "Shrink your pores with a daily serum," they say. But your pores aren't alive like a flower that blooms with the sun and closes when night comes. This myth appeared only to make money and sell products. Don't try to shrink them; clean them with AHA or BHA acids and have your skin shine.
48-Steps Routine
Bigger does not always mean better. Those who are into beauty may buy a bunch of everything and spend hours in their bathroom, not realizing they cause damage to the skin. Those who explore know that not every beauty product is compatible with others, and using 48 creams leads to breakouts, irritation, and redness. Know your skin, test new products, and google their compatibility.
Non-working Wipes
It's so much easier to just wipe the face without bubbling in a bath sink, plus you can do it anywhere. Micellar face wipes, according to reality and cosmetologists, do not save but rather harm. These rags take off the makeup only visually. As a result, you go to sleep with dirt on your face that absorbs into the skin at night. Then there's the excess oil and even skin infections.
Vibration in the Wrong Place
Let's not use vibrators in the wrong place and get rid of your face brush with that function. Brushes themselves have a place in your makeup bag, but any product paired with vibration is an explosive mixture, especially if it's a scrub or exfoliating product. Vibrating brushes damage the protective layer of the skin by over-exfoliating it. It's like using a grater and waiting for perfect skin. To avoid irritation, a vibrating brush can be replaced with a normal cleanser.
It's (Not) Enough
A common mistake is to think that face oil should be eliminated once and for all, and if you have it, you need to wash your face more often. Meet sebum; you should not be afraid of it as its functions are protection against bacteria, thermoregulation, and even the release of beneficial substances. If you wash it out, your skin will be dehydrated and produce excess fat, which will lead to clogged pores. So it's not a good idea to wash your face until it squeaks.

But hold on, you, with an oily skin type. Your type doesn't mean you can forget about face oil in your skincare. In fact, oily skin is dehydrated, and using oils interferes with this problem. You can also use products that moisturize or are labeled "non-pore-clogging" to keep your skin in balance.
Sucking Tools
Poor pores, they've been through so much and continue to do so. Pore vacuums and blackhead extraction tools are more damaging to the skin than squeezing pimples with your hands. Extraction tools were made for cosmetologists; in unskilled hands, they leave microbruises. And pore vacuums suck so the skin gets much acne, irritation, and even permanent scars. Just throw these sticks and machines away and pay attention to acids.
Not Full Sunscreen Truth
SPF is your personal anti-aging tool, and bloggers and cosmetologists always say you should put it on your face before going out. But this is not the full info because you should put on sunscreen even when you are not leaving the house. Remember the kid's trick of burning objects through a small glass pane? Now imagine what will happen to your skin when the sun's rays fall on it through the windows. And please do not neglect your neck in order not to become a turtle after 10 years.
More Ways to Destroy Your Skin
Exfoliating products moisturize and remove dead skin cells, and because of the positive results, some people purchase exfoliating gloves for their entire body. However, using it causes microtears, injuries, and skin infections, so don't listen to bloggers who recommend exfoliating more than once a week.

Then there's alcohol in cosmetics. It's a common problem because not everybody checks the ingredients. Make it a habit to avoid using alcohol-containing cleansers and toners. They cause skin irritation and dryness. For the same reason, be careful with fragrances, which always contain alcohol. Never apply it to your skin otherwise it will be flaky. Spray it on your hair, which will hold the scent longer, and your clothes.
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