Detailed Instructions for Tinder Profiles and How to Find a Lover in the Dating App

Tinder Translator: How to Understand Profiles

The devil's toy Tinder is not really such a toy. Once you learn to understand profiles, you save yourself time and nerves, so the number of dull dates will be reduced to a minimum.

Marika team decided to help you learn this and translated the most common red flag phrases, found ultimatum advice, and even revealed the secret of Tinder.
He Possesses All Emoji
Mr. Emoji is met by everyone. He believes that small, crooked faces, the image of the muscle arm, and the lobster were created for a reason, and it would be a great crime not to use them all. He can write a poem in his Tinder profile and use so many emojis that their total number exceeds the number of punctuation marks. Or he can write a lonely "I love chicken" and illustrate it with five emoji. That's a perfect example of a creative person... if he's five years old. For a grown man, it's a sign of infantilism. Wanna be a mother instead of a girlfriend? He's your option. You're kind of a child yourself? You can unite and be children together. But there will be no strong, well-established love relationship.
He Wants You to Make Him
One of his lines in the profile says, "You can try to enthuse me, so maybe we could be a couple." Those words are literally crying out that he doesn't want to endeavor to learn about you. It's like he got tired of you beforehand, and your mission is to show him you're the one. But, dear, you're not a comic for lonely men's entertainment. Such detachment mixed with a scant description of himself may indicate his insecurity. If you will be on a date, he will be unsure where you need to go. At a restaurant, he won't confidently lead you to the best table, and the need to choose a dish in a place that is new to him will drive him to a standstill. What's with relationships? This is the kind of guy who will hesitate for ten years before proposing.
He Has Nothing
At first glance, this type gives off a feeling of virtue that is rare and may attract a bunch of girls. But not women. He definitely wrote, "Don't swipe if you're searching for money. I'm not gonna spend a fortune on a one-night restaurant girl. I'm here to find true love." The real message here is, "I don't have money." Are we still of the opinion that drowning in debt with a partner is romantic? No? Great.
He Is So Into You
We are stepping into dangerous waters here. If you see the words as "I want to know everything about you," be aware and better skip him, quietly and without jerks. It's a heartwarming thing to know that you have nothing to hide from your partner. You're like an open book for him, and whether it's your fuckup at work or vomiting at your best friend's party, he knows about it. But you need your secrets, and it's normal and healthy not to want to tell everything. And Mr. I Want to Know Everything doesn't get it. He has no borders or respect and wants to suppress you and merge with you. Bottom line: swipe left.
He Has What to Say
Those types go straight to the point, and they want to save your time, so they write the personal noes at the beginning. Their profile starts with claims or requirements of a future partner. For example, their favorite lines are, "I'm looking for a tall woman; the dwarfs are out," or "Are there any more decent girls here, or are there only ugly ones left?" The golden rule remains that we are not saving or convincing anyone. It only goes with the psychiatrist and for a fee. His harsh demands may indicate patriarchal attitudes and a desire to receive nothing in return, neither love nor care. Beginning with claims on Tinder is analogous to self-centered behavior in life.
He's an Open Book
Honesty is a good quality, and thanks to it, you can read between the lines and not find yourself between sedatives and therapy. The first client is the one who writes, "I'm that very abuser/lout, and I'm going to be hard on you." Oh, dear, he is and he will. It's not a man who is tough with everybody but carry you in his arms. He is an asshole, he knows it and has zero regrets about it. The second is the "I'm a bad boy" client. He's not. He's a small boy in the body of a man who wasn't loved or accepted by his mother. And the third one is "complicated person." Choose him, and you will witness him not growing or developing at all. An excellent match for him is a neurotic partner or a partner with an avoidant attachment type.
He Swallowed the Dictionary
"Oh, smart guys are so much sexier than pretty or muscular ones. Here's the intelligent match; he used so many clever words in his profile info." Stop! This is a catch of a try-hard. A pseudo-intellectual man wants to seem rather than be. He's not the one who builds the rockets; he's the one who says he could do it better and sit at home as usual. Intricate words with figures of speech and complex sentences go into the same category. It may be that he doesn't suit the real world because of, for example, his shyness or indecisiveness, and he creates a new personality that is unique and rare. Swipe him left; leave him to get to the bottom of himself.
He's In Search of the One
Each woman he dated turned out to be a bitch. Everyone who swiped him wanted to chill in cafes at his expense before disappearing. Reading it, you can think he was just unlucky; you aren't a bitch, and all in all, he has an attractive appearance. You somehow started dating him, and day by day you understand that he is manipulative as heck. You just didn't notice how he forced you to believe you're not like others because you're better, and that's a big red flag. Another type may say he's looking for a woman who will inspire and complement him. The translator from the selfish language brings it up with "All my troubles are because you don't try hard enough and don't want to do your job." An immediate swipe to the left.
He Knows What He Wants
Behind the exact characteristics of his preferred partner may lie a piece of his own personality. So if he immediately claims he wants a humble and simple girl without "quirks and issues in [her] head," read it as "I search for an insecure, plain girl who will endure my grand ego." He wants a doll to play with, and we're looking for a man, not a boy.

See the exact height, eye color, and hobbies that he desires in his girlfriend? That's the most stubborn and unbending person with clear and eternal concepts, yes. But don't expect him to match your views on life together. Another line is, "My family/friend/director says that I'm a good person." Unlike the previous type, he will not do anything until he gets approval from outside. His decisions are hampered by his own thoughts. Skip.

The green flag of this type may be the one who writes a lot about himself. Although it also may be a sign that he's working in marketing, that he's been searching for a partner for a long time, or that he has just broken up. It can be a problem or a simple fact. It's up to you to decide.
Ultimate Advice and the Secret of Tinder
The main thing is to remember that not only you choose, you're chosen too. Want to be swiped back by hot guys more often? Rewrite your profile to include information about yourself. Our practice shows that many people forget this simple fact and write things they don't like, complaints about bad matches, or, for example, millions of jokes about sex. By the way, the last one says that the person either has problems with sex or is obsessed with it. Another mistake is to only include links to social media. Most likely, you're looking at a god-given marketer who creates traffic for his pages, and he's not interested in dating at all. Tinder isn't an evil app; you just need to understand how it works.

In the article "The Tinder Algorithm, Explained," published on Vox in 2019, the secret of the app was revealed. It appears that Tinder's users have a rating. The more a user is swiped left, the lower his rate falls. According to the rating, users are offered a person with the same rating. And have you noticed that the majority of your matches are attractive but have interests other than yours? Tinder only considers appearance, age, and location in the selection process. It means there will be no sugar daddies and only guys your age.

The employee of a similar dating app explained how it came to be that the farther away, the worse the selection of partners.

"Hypothetically, if you were to swipe on enough thousands of people, you could go through everyone. That kind of highlights a different problem of, if you're on an app where you're doing swiping and you're going through people one at a time… you're talking about a line of people and we put the best options up front. It actually means that every time you swipe, the next choice should be a little bit worse of an option. So, the longer you're on an app, the worse the options get." © "Why do you Super Like people on Tinder?" (The Verge, 2017)

The conclusion is that you don't need to spend infinite time on Tinder; about five matches are enough. Work smarter, dear, not harder.

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