Smart Internet Surfing, or Accounts You Must Follow

(Un)Follow Them

While our magazine comes out once a quarter, you still need content to absorb. Usually, you just surf social media and get nothing out of it. The channels and accounts below are a time saver, as they teach while you check them out. They are filled almost every day, and most importantly, they provide you with content for free. Unfollow dull accounts; it's high time to fish something engaging from the Internet.
The owner of the account, Oliver Leone, lives by art. He directs photoshoots, interviews creative authors, has a TikTok about fashion, and styles models. Have you ever wondered what's going on in such artistic minds? Oliver's @yourfashionarchive will give you the answer, as his account is a collection of inspiration. It consists of unique brand reviews, conceptual campaigns and ads, photo works you want to gaze at for hours, outfits, and, all in all, fashion archives. Like a Pinterest, but it's a photo and video compilation.
If the word "slay" were a person, it would be Arthur Osin, a non-binary model and creator. She once shook up the internet with a one-minute video showing 70 poses. Today Arthur's account is her modeling book with professional shoots, poses for any occasion and sudden locations, selfie ideas, modeling tips, and stunning catwalks. She shows, she teaches, and she shares. Notice that other models post more about their lifestyle than their works? Arthur's account is a modeling educational blog, and that's the best.
Great Art Explained
Can you notice and name the important details of The Garden of Earthly Delights? Do you know the real story of The Kiss by Klimt? Or can you guess why the painting has two Fridas? All these arts can be explained to you in fifteen minutes through YouTube. The GAE channel was found by a curator and gallerist, James Payne. He speaks about art with passion and without using hard-to-understand terms, making his videos comprehensible. After watching, we highly advise you to run to a museum with your friends to impress them with your art knowledge.
Oniku has been drawing illustrations for a long time, but she found her style relatively recently, just a year ago. This style has Japanese roots and instantly stands out from the others. And, while Oniku's work appears to be a drawing at first glance, you'll be surprised when you notice the engraving. The physical works are convex and embossed, and that's our favorite twist on the Japanese artist's illustrations.
Anthony Recenello
To upgrade yourself, to learn how to understand others, to know amusing details of celebrities' personal lives, and just to get entertained. Anthony is a social and relationship coach, and his videos are at your service. On his channel, he reveals the kinds of bonds between popular couples, assuming their love cons and pros. He teaches you what is healthy in relationships and additionally exemplifies behavior tips and habits that make you more attractive to others. Want your relationships to get better? Anthony waits for you on his YouTube channel.
Matt D'Avella
Well, you know that sudden urge in the middle of the night when you want to be a better version of yourself? Refusing to eat sweets, reading 100 pages a day, waking up early, having meditation every week — you want everything at once to improve your life. Usually the urge has gone when a person realizes that it requires effort. If only there were a person who would support you. Matt is that person who will live the challenges with you and will remind and show you why you're doing all this. You'll find the start, the proceeding, and the result, and of course, a partner who will not leave you in the middle of the way. So no more excuses.
Laugh Planet
Psychologists state that laughter reduces stress and anxiety. It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. And not only memes can strengthen your health; Laugh Planet can do it as well. The channel is filled with numerous interviews, moments, and performances with comedians, actors, models, and even renowned chefs who make jokes and laugh. There is silly yet great and harsh — but only for the sake of humor — content. Must-see channel after a horrible day.
Haley Pham
We have cinema, the Internet, and news, but books provide an unparalleled experience that makes the brain work. Haley knows it and shares her reader's thoughts and impressions. She's not afraid to give an honest review to popular pieces, create videos with the help of authors, and discuss viral books from TikTok that all users heard about. Haley's channel is also diluted with vlogs, productivity experiments, and relaxing conversation videos. The most comforting channel in the article.
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